Design, Survey, Quality, Commission & Handover

From when you contact us we have a straight forward way of dealing with your enquiry. 

The first thing we need to do is  measure the roof and check for any obstructions, we also calculate the pitch and orientation and shading and make sure the roof is in a sound condition to have panels installed.

We check your electrical supply and make sure we can install a system without too many alterations; we will make recommendations if we believe anything needs adjusting.

We need to know what it is you are trying to achieve from your solar panel installation for example you may not like the look of solar panels and want to install something which doesn't stand out, so maybe all black panels or fewer of them. Or you may want to maximise your roof space for as little money as possible. You might have your heart set on a certain type of panel or inverter and we can source any product. We will also need to know what your current usage of electricity is.

We check that your property is not listed or in a conservation area and carry out a search on your property to ascertain if an EPC needs to be done.

We can then start to design a system which suits you and ensure you get the best value for money. 

We make sure that any system we design has optimum performance and we give you an accurate prediction on how many units the system will produce and how much money you can expect from the feed in tariff and export tariff, this prediction is a calculation based on sunlight hours and system performance. 

By looking at your usage we can make suggestions to reduce your electricity bill, and there are some products on the market which co-exist with solar to make sure that you optimize the energy that you make.

If at this stage you are happy to go ahead we raise a contract of sale, accept a deposit and book the work in for a convenient time.

We are meticulous in our approach and take great care in installing the system, we don't take shortcuts, and we adhere to health and safety guidelines rigidly.

Once the system is installed we can then test it and ensure it is working correctly at this point commissioning the solar PV system, we test the electrical circuit so that we can provide a Part P certificate, and we register the system with the DNO, Ofgem and MCS. 

We are then issued with an MCS certificate which once we receive final payment from you we handover in a pack which includes warranty certificates and receipted invoice and copy of EPC certificate. All of which are required by the Feed in tariff supplier which is usually your current electricity supplier. 


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