Solar PV is the best home improvement and financial investment opportunity available to you.

Case Study 

  • Tax free income for 20 years
  • Increase value of your property
  • Cheaper electricity bills

A simple calculation for you

  • Cost of installation £6000
  • Annual income including your electricity savings £900
  • Payback period is 6 and half years.

You will then have 14 years of income from the system.

Once you have got your feed in tariff you have got it at that rate for the whole 20 years. 

Cash in an ISA is better invested in a Solar PV system as it offer's much better return's.

Consider a bank loan as you will be able to pay back the loan from the income and savings from the system.


The government is reducing feed in tariff rates so it makes sense to get it while you can. 


For more piece of mind visit the carbon trust and find out more

Feed In Tariffs 

Feed in Tariff rates are set by the government and  thay are asessed every quater to see what adjustment needs to be made. They are broken down into segments so that smaller domestic systems benefit from a higher rate whilst larger commercial systems have lower rates. although it is also dependant upon energy performance of the property.

Current Feed in tarif rates  

Solar PV ≤4 kW          Higher rate        12.92

Solar PV >4 - 10kW        Higher rate       11.71

Solar PV >10 - 50kW        Higher rate       11.71

Solar PV    >50 - 150Kw     Higer Rate         9.63

Solar PV    >150 - 250Kw   Higher Rate      9.21

Export Tariff 4.85

You can see more on feed in tariff rates and the likely changes by visiting 

Tariff Levels


There has never been an opportunity to get something back from your energy supplier until now. By taking advantage of the feed in tariff scheme you will be investing in the safest investment opportunity in history. 

Solar is the most reliable form of energy and we have only just begun to harvest that energy. 

Fossil fuels are running out and fuel prices are rising out of control. Our climate is changing due to the amount of pollution we have pumped into the atmosphere. 

Solar panels are one of the solutions, both financially rewarding and environmentally. 

There will not always be a feed in tariff for solar energy as the benefit for solar panels will come purely from your savings made on electricity.

We offer a free survey, we can briefly assess your property from google earth or photographs and orientation of your property and give you good idea of cost and what you could expect to get back.  

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