Kings Cliffe 

Converted barn

4Kw system 

All black 250w Hyundai panels on a slate roof.

Solar install Oakham

 4KW System Oakham

16 Hyundai all black mono panels

Inverter is a Solaredge with individual optimizers.

This enables us to monitor the system online and each panel works independently of one another

 East Goscote 

Mr King 

10 panel Panasonic system.

Panels are much smaller than conventional panels so the efficiency of the panel is higher.

This was an ideal solution for the limited roof space.

Solar Panels Melton Mowbray

50 main street, Great Dalby.

Panasonic panels 3.5kwp system.

East and west array's on slate roof using a dual tracker SMA inverter.

by using the more expensive panasonic panels it was possible to get more power installed on the roof.


16 Saxelby road, Asfordby. 

orientation: south, south west.

3kwp system, budget mono crystaline panels, installed in March 2012 and produced 2833 units until Feb 4th 2013. (pretty impresive).

Reduced electricity bill by half.  

Solar Panels Coalville

32 Adam morris way,



7Kw system

35 panels, 200w Canadian Solar mono crystaline. 

Power one inverter

Mr and Mrs Charzewski had got a number of quotes and all had stipulated that they could only get a maximum of 6kw of panels on the roof. As you can see 21st century achieved 7kw of panels by using a smaller panel it offered more permutations and a better solution for the customer. 

There is room for 2 more panels but the budget on the job has been maximised due to an extra kilowatt of power being installed. 

This illustration clearly shows how the roof anchors are secured to your roof.

the bolts screw directly into your joist (not onto a batten).

The tile is then placed back into it's original position and no damage has been done to either the membrane or the tile.

for a system size of 16 panels you can expect as many as 48 roof anchors to be installed but depends on wind loading calculations.

an aluminium rail is then connected to the roof hook and the panels are clamped to the rail.

Solar Panels Glenfield

9 The Maltings




 4KW Suntellite All Black modules. Samil inverter with 10 year warranty

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