Domestic Solar Panels

What's in it for you?

THE SAVINGS TO YOU ARE HUGE - The only thing that is certain is that the FEED IN TARIFF (FIT) which is currently set by the government at 12.92p per KWh,  is an excellent investment opportunity and electricity prices are forecasted to rise sharply as we continue to run out of fossil fuels. 

Most systems will pay for themselves in less than 8 years and the FEED IN TARIFF is guaranteed to last for 20 years which means that the homeowner with a solar PV system will profit from this financial incentive  - many thousands of £££s

On top of your FIT payment from the DNO, which are by the way index linked to the RPI for 20 years, you are free to use all your solar generated electricity free of charge thus reducing your electricity bill, and finally, your energy provider will also pay you a minimum export payment of 4.85p/kwh on 50% of what you generate. 

You will have no doubt have been approached by numerous solar PV installation companies with various offers including free installations, (don't be fooled - these FREE installations will actually cost you at least 3 to 4 times as much in lost revenue over 25 years), however we at 21st Century Energy Solutions Ltd have access to a wide range of products to ensure that all installations carried out by us are the most efficient systems for the property at very competitive prices with ongoing after sales support.

We do not believe in hard sales techniques, our vision is to supply a professional, honest, up front, best deal solution for your energy needs strictly abiding by our comprehensive quality management procedures from enquiry to contract completion. We will even tell you what questions you should be asking us or any other solar installation company.

For your peace of mind all of our installations are covered by an insurance backed guarantee

 Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Pv works in exactly the same way as domestic PV the only difference is that usually there is more scope for larger systems due to the larger roof sizes. The revenue stream is still tax free and the benefits are huge.

Commercial solar PV is now the greatest energy saving opportunity available to businesses in the UK. 

Ultimately workplaces are generally at their busiest and use most energy during the daytime. This is when most energy can be harnessed from the sun and you could use that energy instead of the energy from the grid. 

You can also generate a tax free revenue steam as you will be paid for every unit you produce even though it is used directly by the building. In short this is a double Whammy of benefits. 

It is possible that businesses might be taxed upon there carbon emissions in the future and solar PV is the greatest carbon reducer you could have.

It is a guaranteed return and index linked and therefore a justifiable investment.

Commercial roofs are often far easier to work on and can hold substantial amounts of PV.

It might not be practical for you to fill your entire roof right now but you may be able to budget for a smaller system and add on to it at a later date.

We are experts in looking at energy conservation and we have experience in commercial PV.

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